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Present were: Mr Hewitt, Mrs Norden, Miss Peat and Mr Yabsley (DCC) also two members of the public.

Apologies: Mrs Roberts

  1. At the short Open Meeting the Chairman gave his report. He also reported that he had attended the funeral of our N D Councillor Mr Walter White. Potholes were also discussed.

  2. Annual Meeting. Election of Chairman Mr Hewitt. Proposed Mrs Norden, seconded Miss Peat.

  3. Election of Vice Chairwoman Mrs Norden. Proposed Miss Peat, seconded Mr Hewitt.

  4. Co-option of Parish Councillors, Mr Cook, Mr Toms and Mr Briant-Evans were unanimously voted on to the Parish council. The Clerk to contact Hannah Clarke and Marc Palmer to say they were unsuccessful this time but would like to keep their names on record for future vacancies.

The Clerk to send a card to John Rowe thanking him for his past service on the Parish Council.

  1. Minutes of the last three meetings were read and signed as correct.

  1. Mr Yabsley gave his report.

  1. Cheques:- Community News 25.00 (grant) DALC (Sub) 57.64 Came and Company Insurance 218.00. Proposed Mrs Norden, seconded Miss Peat.

  1. Audit. The Certificate of Exemption was read and it was resolved to exempt the Parish Council from a limited assurance review.

  1. The Annual Governance statement was read and approved.

  1. Likewise the Accounting Statement.

11. Date of next meeting 17 September 2019 at 7.30pm.


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